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Monday, July 25, 2016

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News of the planned purchase of drone heavier-than-air craft by Bakamla (Agency for Maritime Security) Little Rhody has been as way back because the starting of last year, and within the event the Singapore Air Show 2016, the breeze of the approaching drone heavier-than-air craft is progressively processing exhausting, the article Bakamla reported to be shopping for 3 units drone Eagles 350 Dwi Bhineka created by noble metal Persada (BDP), a personal company that additionally provides drone Rajawali 330 for the military.

Drone heavier-than-air craft Bakamla order is clearly completely different from the drone helicopters that usually seem within the type of a quad copter. Rajawali 350 form is kind of massive for the dimensions style|and style} drone heavier-than-air craft carrying standard design, is affordable considering the Eagles 350 are going to be operated in areas of the oceans that got to face robust winds.

Traced from his pedigree, Rajawali 350 {is built|is created|is constructed} on the platform of R-350 drones made in UMS Skeldar, manufactures drones Swiss whose shares area unit majority controlled by Saab, Sweden. within the hands of noble metal BDP, drone 'sewn and packaged' in accordance customization of the client. In his rationalization to Indomiliter.com at the Singapore Air Show 2016 (02.17.2016), Christeven echo, Executine Engineer noble metal BDP says, "Eagle 350 is incredibly fitting to support maritime police work tasks and might support the SAR role." Talking concerning the SAR, Rajawali may embody water droppable SAR pods.

As for reconnaissance mission missions involving stalking, heavier-than-air craft drone with a weight of a hundred and fifty metric weight unit and might be fitted with microwave radar GMTI (ground moving targets indicator), a technology that's additionally mounted on microwave radar reconnaissance mission latest Saab GlobalEye. With GMTI, Rajawali 350 trackpergerakan capable of downloading tiny boats area unit high in surface maneuver.

With a payload capability of 25-30 metric weight unit, choice of subtle devices that may be put in there measuring system (Light Detection and Ranging), multi / hyper spectral camera, and signals intelligence / Elent system and a communication relay system. whereas varied gimbal device that may be transplanted embody EO (electro-optic) / IR (infra red) device and camera mapping.

Because planning to be set for the takeoff and landing of the ship deck Bakamla, business room runway becomes a significant concern, that is clearly strength ought to be qualified to 'fight' the ocean winds. Rajawali 350 adopts rotary engine engine twenty five power unit. Radius operations reached a hundred and twenty kilometre with a most flight altitude of four,500 meters. downside kecepeatan, ocean eagle is capable of rushing up to a hundred forty five kilometre per hour in period (endurance) in air for four hours.

Drone that already holds these military customary will land mechanically, even in emergencies, Rajawali 350 will land with the assistance of a parachute. connected operations bewildered, maybe to observe out is that the temperature (temperature) that typically once it's too hot will interfere with electronic systems. In spesifikanya, Rajawali 350 will fly safely at a temperature of -30 to forty degrees stargazer.

Before showing at the Singapore Air Show 2016, Rajawali 350 has been shown statically in Indo Defence 2014 exhibition past. (Haryo Adjie - Singapore)

Rajawali 350 Specifications
- Rotor diameter: three.5 meters
- frame lenght: three,10 meter
- Height: one.3 meters
- Width: 1.1 meters
- Empty weight: 75kg
- MTOW: a hundred and fifty metric weight unit / Expandable to a hundred seventy five metric weight unit
- Rotary system: three blades
- Endurance: 4+ hours
- Payload capacity: 25-30 metric weight unit
- Mission radius: a hundred and twenty kilometre
- Service ceiling: 4500 meters
- Cruise speed: seventy kilometre / h
- easy lay airspeed: a hundred forty five kilometre / h
- Fuel: F34, F44, F54, Jet A1, JP6, JP8
- Turbine: twenty five power unit
- Temperature Range: thirty ° C + forty ° C


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