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Friday, September 13, 2013

On 9:54:00 PM by Muhammad Abdurrahman in ,    3 comments
If you miss windows classic mode like me, i can share the trick how meet windows classic in windows 7. Nothing all display in windows 98 we can meet in windows 7. We can change the display like windows classic (95, 98, NT, or windows 2000), especially in Boot Loader.

So tired after i search this trick in this cyber world that's not small, but it's fun because finally i found this trick. Ahihihi...

Ok, we directly to this trick. But, before you do this trick, is suggest you to back up your data first. Don't judge me if you lost your data and finally you re-install your Windows. Hehehe...

If you already back up your data, download some applications to support the success of this trick. Hire, some applications that must you download. If you have some applications below, you just follow step by step that i write.

Windows 7 Boot Updater : Download

Windows 7 Boot Screen : Download

Then, open the Windows 7 Boot Updater.zip (you can learn it in that rar) or you can learn how to use Windows 7 Boot Updater in hire.

If you open (after extract) the rar, you can see the Windows 7 Boot Updater like above. And then, in below, you can learn from that picture. ^_^

Windows 7 boot updater for boot loader
Click to LARGE

If you still confused to learn about that applications, you can googling or browsing.

Ok, next. If you can learn or operate that application, you can change Boot Loader Windows 7 to Windows Classic with going to :
  1. File,
  2. then load boot skin,
  3. search the extract of boot skin rar.
  4. wait and if you want edit something like font size or font style.
  5. Click Apply and wait untill the proccess complete.
Restart/re-boot you PC and look the new boot loader in your Windows 7 ^_^

If you want to change the background starter, you can follow my next articel. Good Bye and Good Luck for new experiment :)

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