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Monday, March 14, 2016

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When Google’s Adsense first came out, it changed the way people made money online. 

When push comes to shove, Adsense was and still is one of the most profitable ways of
monetizing websites. 

When used properly, people can make a considerable amount of money with Adsense 
and in some cases; it could help people earn more money than they could with a full time job. 

If this is the first time that you have heard of Adsense, then a short introduction is in order.

Adsense is simply a system that was introduced by Google wherein site owners can make money by using advertisements on their sites.

If you choose to enroll in Adsense, then you can allow Google to post different types of ads on your website.

These ads include text, images as well as video advertisements. When people who visit your site click on one of the ads, you can earn money.

If you have thousands of people visiting your blog every day, then this can quickly add up to a lot of revenue. The ads that Google will post on your site will depend on what your visitors are searching for.

This means that Google is able to intelligently provide netizens with ads related to what they search for often. This significantly improves the chances that people will click on the ads.

The system works on a commission basis so people who click on the ads need to purchase something in order for you to get a commission on their purchases.

If you want to maximize your profits from Adsense, you will need traffic, a lot of it. While Adsense is certainly the most popular option out there, there are many other alternatives as well.


Here are 5 of the well-known alternatives.

1. Adbrite (www.adbrite.com)

Adbrite is one of the best options for people running non-English based blogs. One of the best things about Adbrite is that they have a very flexible payment scheme.

While the default payout amount is $100, you can change it to $5.00 or higher. Once you reach your predetermined payout amount, you can get paid.

As with most reliable Ad based programs, only sites with high quality content are eligible to join Adbrite. In addition to that, signing up is a breeze and you can do it for free.

2. Bidvertiser (www.bidvertiser.com)

Bidvertiser is another reputable pay-per-click network that you can join. Bidvertiser differs from other similar networks in that the ads they post can be more niche specific.

People who advertise using Bidvertiser also have more  control over which sites they want to use for their ads. This is one of the reasons why having a reputable and
popular site is a plus.

The more popular your site is, the more attractive it will be for prospective advertisers that use BidvertiserBidvertiser uses Paypal so you will need a Paypal account to get paid.

You can also get paid every time your account accumulates a minimum amount of $50. You can expect payment within 10 to 15 days.

3. Chitika (chitika.com)

Chitika is another top contender poised to take on Google’s Adsense program. This is one of the most popular alternatives out there and they have already reached over 2 billion impressions.

If you think that is impressive, they have already posted ads in over 100,000 websites. Chitika is also a very attractive option for ad publishers since they have a wide range of products available like Owna, which allows publishers to show off their products in novel ways.

They also offer a custom shopping portal like ShopLinc as well as many other high quality services. In addition to this, Chitika regularly releases new features to further enhance their already broad portfolio of services.

4. Infolinks (www.infolinks.com

Infolinks is another good alternative for Adsense. However, many people are turned off by the low  cost per click earnings.

In addition to this, this is not a good option if you are relying on international traffic. If most of your traffic comes from the US, however, this can be an attractive option.

Infolinks uses a color coded system for their ads. You can easily change the ad colors to make them blend into your blog more naturally.

Another advantage is that you can choose when and where the ads will appear on your blog. 

5. Kontera (kontera.com)

Kontera is another advertising network that has been getting a lot of positive reviews. They are known for using innovative technologies that involve proprietary algorithms and mechanisms that make their ads more effective.

As a testament to Kontera’s popularity, their adds can be found in a significant number of the top 10,000 websites on the Internet in terms of traffic. 


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